Southside Trial Attorney Desi Martinez Announces A National Boxing Promotions Company In San Antonio

Desi I. Martinez, the esteemed trial attorney renowned for his legal prowess in San Antonio, is now making headlines in sports. Martinez, the founder of Martinez & Associates PLLC, located on the Southeast side of San Antonio, has announced his foray into boxing promotions, marking a significant shift in the city’s boxing landscape.

Martinez, recognized for his exceptional legal contributions, has consistently been acknowledged as one of San Antonio’s “Best Lawyers” by Scene in San Antonio magazine. His dedication to his clients and fearless approach to legal battles have earned him widespread acclaim. Now, Martinez aims to bring that same determination to boxing promotions.

Teaming up with “Fighters First [Boxing] Management” based in Atlanta, Georgia, Martinez launched Desi Martinez Promotions, a venture to rejuvenate San Antonio’s boxing scene. The collaboration promises to introduce a series of thrilling boxing events to the city and the broader South Texas area.

At a press conference on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at Mala Fama/Mi Vaquita, Martinez and his team unveiled their plans. Desi Martinez Promotions aims to showcase San Antonio’s talent and spirit and propel the city onto the international boxing stage.

The departure of television giants like SHOWBOX and HBO Boxing has created a void in accessible boxing content in America. Martinez and Fighters First Management intend to fill this vacuum by redefining the fan experience and revitalizing the sport in San Antonio and beyond.

The Fighters First Showcase’s inaugural event is scheduled for Saturday, March 30, 2024, at Boeing Tech Port. It promises an unforgettable evening of boxing excitement, featuring local talents such as Justin Figueroa, Sharahya Moreu, and Giovanni Cabera.

The press conference provided insight into the vision driving Desi Martinez Promotions, with Martinez and team members outlining their plans to reshape the boxing landscape in San Antonio.

Desi Martinez Promotions, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, aims to deliver high-quality, exhilarating boxing events to the city and put it on the international boxing map. Committed to the fan experience, the company endeavors to create unforgettable moments in the ring.

Fighters First [Boxing] Management, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a reputable boxing company led by former NABF Matchmaker of the Year Jolene Mizzone. The company is dedicated to helping boxers achieve their goals and provides services ranging from contract negotiation to event promotion.

With Desi Martinez and Fighters First Management at the helm, the future of boxing in San Antonio looks brighter than ever. As Desi Martinez Promotions sets out to captivate audiences and elevate the sport, boxing enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate a thrilling new era in San Antonio’s boxing history.