The Brooks Green Loop Coming in Summer 2024

The Brooks Green Loop, a transformative project aiming to link Salado Creek to the San Antonio Mission Reach via the Brooks campus, has recently received approval from the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (AAMPO) Transportation Policy Board. This inclusion in the funded projects list for the Fiscal Year 2025 to 2028 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) marks a significant step forward in enhancing connectivity and accessibility in the region.

Proposed by Brooks in collaboration with Mission Heritage Partners and ActivateSA, the Brooks Green Loop is set to be an approximately eight-mile trail, incorporating 10-to-12-foot multi-use paths along San Antonio creek ways, greenways, and urban corridors within the Brooks area. This ambitious project aims to provide a safe and efficient route for pedestrians and cyclists, facilitating access to current and future regional amenities while promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Image Courtesy of Brooks

Dr. Lorraine Pulido, Chair of the Brooks Board of Directors and Communications Manager at VIA Metropolitan Transit expressed gratitude for the approval, emphasizing the importance of investing in green spaces within the Brooks region. Pulido highlighted the project’s alignment with VIA Metropolitan Transit’s mission to provide regional multimodal transportation options that connect communities.

With an investment of $9.3 million, the Brooks Green Loop complements previous investments totaling over $25 million in the region’s green infrastructure, including initiatives like complete streets, the Greenline Park, and the forthcoming 180-acre Arboretum San Antonio. Karla Gurgiolo, Executive Director of Mission Heritage Partners, emphasized the project’s benefits to San Antonio Missions National Historical Park visitors, connecting them seamlessly to the vibrant Brooks campus and beyond.

The Brooks Green Loop represents a continuation of Brooks’ commitment to sustainability, with various ongoing initiatives such as LEED-certified developments and extensive tree planting efforts. The project underscores Brooks’ dedication to fostering a thriving and environmentally conscious community.

Scheduled for adoption in June 2024, the Fiscal Year 2025 to 2028 TIP reflects the collective efforts of stakeholders to enhance transportation infrastructure and promote sustainable development in the region. The Brooks Green Loop is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in creating vibrant, interconnected communities.

Brooks is a 1,308-acre mixed-use community in San Antonio, Texas, owned and managed by the Brooks Development Authority. Established in 2001 through a public-private partnership involving the United States Congress, the State of Texas, and the City of San Antonio, Brooks is dedicated to revitalizing the former Brooks Air Force Base. Today, the community boasts over 50 businesses, 5,300 employees, 1,700 residents, 2,500 students, and 1,200 residential units. For more information, visit