Southside Spotlight: Meet Southwest High School’s Senior, Isaac Das

Meet Southwest High School’s senior, Isaac Das, who is originally from St. Louis, MO; he was raised and resides in San Antonio. While his professional experience is limited, he actively engages in tutoring as a side hustle for supplemental income. Additionally, he holds certification in phlebotomy.

Reflecting on his life, he acknowledges his fortune in encountering minimal adversity. Supported by loving parents, a comfortable home, and access to quality education, he is grateful for his privileges.

Isaac Das has been offered a FULL scholarship to Princeton University. He’s also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar, ranking in the Top 3% of students Nationwide in PSAT testing scores.

“Securing admission to Princeton University is a source of immense pride for me, as it reflects personal achievement and fulfills my parents’ aspirations for me,” says Das.

He attributes his success to his willingness to learn from mistakes. “Analyzing failures has been instrumental in propelling me toward my goals,” says Das.

Das shares how dispelling misconceptions about his acceptance into Princeton is essential. While his academic abilities played a role, he believes his holistic approach to the application process and a stroke of luck ultimately secured his spot. He considers himself average, not exceptionally gifted.

He also offers tutoring services catering to various ages and subjects, including SAT/ACT preparation, mathematics up to Calculus II, introductory/AP Physics 1, AP US/World History, and assistance with college applications and essays.

A quote he favors: “We suffer more often in our imagination than in reality.”

For further information about his tutoring services and contact options, please visit his link tree: or email at for inquiries. Images courtesy of Isaac Das.

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