The Gonzaba Foundation Unveils New Programs and Website

On May 1st, the Gonzaba Foundation took a momentous step in its mission to uplift older adults in San Antonio. It unveiled its official programs and website at the Gonzaba Event Center, marking a new chapter in its journey of hope and support for seniors. Since its inception in 2022, the foundation has been a guiding light for seniors, offering transformative programs and unwavering support that have deeply enriched their lives. With a steadfast commitment to fostering a healthier and happier community for seniors, the Gonzaba Foundation invites all to join their journey of profound change.

At the heart of the Gonzaba Foundation’s initiatives is the Ambassador Program. This empowering initiative is designed for influential adults aged 65 and above, inviting them to become advocates and amplify awareness about the foundation’s work. By joining the Ambassador Program, individuals contribute to the cause and gain a platform to make meaningful connections, hone their leadership skills, and inspire others to support the foundation’s mission.

The Gonzaba Foundation Team

Another crucial program offered by the Gonzaba Foundation is the Senior Grass Busters. This program plays a vital role in the lives of seniors aged 65 and above in the San Antonio area, providing much-needed assistance with lawn maintenance. Through the Senior Grass Busters program, seniors receive the support they need to ensure their lawns are well-maintained, contributing to a safer and more comfortable living environment. Your participation in this program can make a significant difference in the lives of these seniors.

The Gonzaba Foundation has created the Spurs Silver Club with the San Antonio Spurs. This club is exclusively for San Antonio Spurs fans and residents aged 60 and above. Members of the Spurs Silver Club enjoy a range of benefits, including discounted game tickets, season perks, access to exclusive events, and the opportunity to participate in Spurs Senior Night celebrations.

The Gonzaba Foundation also launched the Golden Gardeners Program, allowing seniors to engage safely in gardening and outdoor activities. This free program allows seniors to explore gardening comfortably, learn about plants that thrive in the Texas landscape, and enjoy spending time outdoors while socializing with fellow participants.

Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up for the foundation’s newsletter to stay connected with the Gonzaba Foundation’s upcoming programs, news, and events. By doing so, they can remain informed about opportunities to participate in programs like the Ambassador Program, Senior Grass Busters, Spurs Silver Club, and Golden Gardeners Program.

For more information about the Gonzaba Foundation and its initiatives, visit Join the movement to create a brighter future for San Antonio’s beloved seniors!