San Antonio Charter Moms Fun and FREE Summer Activities for Kids of All Ages

Chefs, Authors, Counselors, Educators and More Lend Expertise to Keep Kids Happy, Active and Learning…

San Antonio Charter Moms announces the latest wave of creative DIY activities just in time to stave off bouts of boredom as families continue to redirect and reimagine summer schedules like never before. Local authors, educators, chefs, mental health experts, museum curators, performing arts leaders, ecologists, crafting experts and more have joined forces with the nonprofit to Charter a Summer of Learning and arm parents and caregivers with easy to navigate crafts, projects and activities that are packed full of fun with educational components snuck in along the way.

Charter a Summer of Learning offers a wide range of activities to choose from; some projects are creative, while others are athletic, academic or cultural. The cost is low (as in free), and the fun factor is high. With a new theme every day, Charter a Summer of Learning features two months of activities updated daily through July 31. To access the project guide, simply scroll through the Charter a Summer of Learning online activity calendar to choose from the daily topics.  Charter Moms Chats includes live conversations on Facebook every weekday at 9 a.m. where guests walk families through the activities, answer viewers questions and share additional learning resources. (Click through the topics to learn more. Not listed in chronological order):San Antonio Charter Moms

 Current Charter a Summer of Learning Activities

San Antonio Charter MomsUpcoming Charter a Summer of Learning Activities

  • Teaching Kids Conflict Resolution & How to Build Healthy Virtual Relationships
  • Kitchen Science: Learn about Weather and the Four Seasons
  • Using Art to Teach About Diversity and Inclusion
  • Explore our Greenway Trails with San Antonio Parks and Recreation
  • Create Connections and Keep Learning: Five Books for Summer 2020
  • Crafty Kitchen Kid’s Snacks
  • Tune into Storytelling with Audio Books
  • So, You Think You Can Sew? You Can!
  • Hit the Trails and Dive into State Parks
  • Road Trip Prep
  • Champion Basic Manners & Etiquette
  • Learn to Use Basic Appliances at Home
  • Take a Fact Filled Missions History Walk
  • Keep Kids Active with PE at Home
  • A Parent’s Experience with
  • A Counselor’s Tips for Better Sleep Habits Before Heading “Back to School”

San Antonio Charter MomsSummer Still in Progress

“Our mission is to be the most trusted information source on education in the region. It has been wonderful visiting with so many guest contributors over the summer, and it has really opened my eyes to the fact that education is about so much more than what is inside the four walls of a school. And while our team is already very busy providing important updates on back to school developments, there are so many life lessons to teach children as parents – what a gift to be able to have this summer to test these experiments out ourselves with the family,” said Inga Cotton, Founder and Executive Director of San Antonio Charter Moms.

About San Antonio Charter Moms:

San Antonio Charter Moms (SACM) began as a blog in 2012 when Founder Inga Cotton was inspired to help San Antonio families more easily find good information about high-quality school options. Starting with a focus on the growing local charter school offerings, the blog has evolved into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that shares fair information about all types of schools. Established in 2018 as a nonprofit, SACM can accept funding that enables it to grow in ways that support accomplishing its mission of being the most trusted information source on education in the region. This growth includes Spanish-language blog post translations, surveying target publics, holding meetings with decisionmakers, supporting public speaking, community outreach and enhancing mobile technology. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook, their Facebook groupInstagramTwitterYouTube and Pinterest.