Local #CPAguy looking to influence the way small businesses are served in San Antonio

Local CPA Robert Garcia, better known as #CPAguy, has been a CPA for both Corporate and Small businesses for over 12 years and has been “visible,” quite literally, in San Antonio small business ecosystem for the past three years servicing the community while wearing his signature uniform #IhaveaCPAguy t-shirt.

The firm is run virtually, as most companies are moving to these days, but in the last three years, there has been a common question on #CPAguy’s mind, “how do I better serve our small business community.” “San Antonio is such a family-friendly city, and although being virtual makes sense, being visible in the community, especially the underserved communities make more sense. Many people don’t realize San Antonio comprises around 80% of small business employers. It’s why the city created the Buy Local SA program, and we choose to serve the way we do.” Says Robert Garcia #CPAguy.

Earlier this year, #CPAguy was introduced to Stephen and Elizabeth Paprocki, who run The Co-Op. The Co-Op is located on the Northeast side and is home to over 60 food truck businesses. The mission is simple, One Team, One Goal. They provide several resources to small food truck businesses, from office space to Commissary to mentorship roundtables. They even have a grant writer on staff that assists with applying for grants for their membership.

“This was exactly the type of innovation I was looking for. Why not be where the small businesses are? It saves them time and money. It just made sense, so we made it happen”, says Robert Garcia #CPAguy.

You can find #CPAguy at the Co-Op every other Wednesday!

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