Makers Batch Curated by Mission Crafts Chandlery

Celebrate Women’s History Month by visiting, The Makers Batch: Hidden Stories of the Women Artisans of San José Potteries. This unique exhibit is curated by San Antonio’s own Mission Crafts Chandlery.

Makers Batch

The Makers Batch: Hidden Stories of the Women Artisans of San José Potteries portrays the untold story of the creative women behind the San José Pottery Workshops and highlights their contributions to the arts and crafts movement of San Antonio. Visitors will learn about these local San José Neighborhood women who produced creative goods for the workshops and their deep family ties that connect them to settlers of the San Antonio Missions and to local history legends Domingo Bustillo, prominent military and political figure during the 1700s and Pedro Huizar, sculptor of the Mission San José Rose Window.

Visitors are offered an intimate glimpse into the lives of artisans like Jesusa (Susie) Bustillos-Chavez, Maria Eufemia (Pema) Bustillos-Salinas, Carmen Bustillos-Chavez, Virginia Martinez- Bustillos, Dorothy Pacheco, and Emma Vignes-Dixon through a private compilation of photographs, heirlooms and hand-crafted creations as well as original furniture productions from San José Potteries. These precious items are generously loaned to the Mission Library from the personal collections of Susan Toomey Frost and the Anguiano, Mendoza, Bustillos, Salinas, Valdez, and Villarreal families.

A Women’s History Month Exhibition

March 3rd – 31st, 2022

Mission Library

3134 Roosevelt Ave.

San Antonio, TX 78214

Mission Crafts Chandlery

Mission Crafts Chandlery was born from not only admiration of the beauty surrounding San Antonio’s beloved World Heritage sites, but in effort to preserve Spanish-Texan culture. Every treasure in their collections were discovered with intent to give shoppers more than a novelty. With passion and purpose, they are sharing pieces of a legacy with you to welcome into your special place.

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All of their candles are hand poured and made in San Antonio. Aside from their candles they also make custom home décor also inspired by the Missions themselves.