3 Dating tips from The Dating Doc

The Dating Doc is the premier dating service that “swipes right” to true connections and healthy dating habits. We offer expert date coaching, matchmaking, and social event services catered to singles of all backgrounds.

Whether you’re seeking a short or long term relationship, wanting to improve as a dater, or enjoy original dating content – you’re in the right place! Here are a few tips for you singles…

1.  Quit thinking, “they’re all the same” – This type of negative mindset will lead you to focus on wanting to be proven wrong or right more than what they offer and more importantly what YOU bring to the table when it comes to dating.

2.  “Hey what’s up?” – Get away from simple openers that everyone uses on online dating apps.  Instead, reference their profile or at the very least address them by name when greeting them.  The point is to stand out and not just go through the motions of swiping and mundane messages.

3.  Learn your attachment style – There are four different attachment styles that better define how you’ll manage relationships in your adult life based on how you grew up.  The insecure attachment styles can be improved to a more secure attachment style through mindfulness and practice.

About The Dating Doc:

Chris “The Dating Doc” Feliciano is a master dating industry professional that is driven by seeing clients learn, match, and connect. Based out of Texas, but servicing clients nationwide, Chris is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, seduction techniques, optimizing your digital dating experience, and so much more.