When it comes to modern dating, it seems as if “swiping” has overtaken the organic process of courting and connecting.  Nowadays, dating is so attached to technology that when you hear a local San Antonian owns a dating service it is easy to confuse his company for popular dating apps.

Chris Feliciano, owner of The Dating Doc, is a seasoned dating professional that helps singles navigate the online world of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and popular dating apps and so much more.  “I want to disrupt the swiping culture that has led singles to becoming exhausted and disappointed,” Chris says of his company’s vision.

The Dating Doc specializes in combining counseling, life coaching, business strategy, and a safe environment for singles to improve their dating life.  The company implements Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and other methods to help singles heal from past pain and become a more aware and efficient dater.  They also live up to their slogan of “Learn, Match, and Connect” by also offering matchmaking and video speed dating events.

Chris is a seasoned expert when it comes to dating and relationship dynamics and has been involved in the industry for over 10 years.  He has been featured on local news outlets and is currently considered one of the Top 40 Dating and Relationship Instagram Influencers in 2020.  He also hosts a popular podcast and YouTube channel that covers dating tips, news, commentary, and interviews.

He is excited to team up with Live from the Southside as our resident dating and relationship content contributor.  Chris arrived in the city 2009 by way of the military and says, “Since moving here I’ve always considered the southside as the pulse of San Antonio culture.”  His appreciation for romance can be captured in the November 2020 issue of Live from the Southside where he connects a woman’s beauty with the sights and sounds of the southside.

His company is hosting a COVID-19 safe Video Speed Dating Event for San Antonio singles on December 3rd.  We encourage readers to support The Dating Doc as it will take a community to improve our city’s dating life. For more information about The Dating Doc, call (210) 701-0745 or visit TheDatingDoc.com.

The Dating Doc, Chris Feliciano