10 Relaxation Tips for Your Mind, Body, & Soul

National Relaxation Day

Today is National Relaxation Day; we think the laid-back holiday being around back to school and close to the end of summer is a perfect way to remind us to take a breather or two. It’s good for us to learn how to evaluate our stress levels and learn how to manage them for our well-being. With common techniques like yoga, tai chi, meditation, and massage, the list is endless how you can turn your stress into a state of relaxation.

Relaxation Techniques

Other relaxation techniques included autogenic relaxation (repeating words in your mind to relax muscle tension.), progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization (going to your happy place.). Some of the benefits to relaxation and stress reduction are lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow to major muscles, improving concentration, boosting confidence, and reducing frustration. We all have our preferences on how we enjoy relaxing, whether it be physical or spiritual.

10 Relaxation Tips for the Mind, Body, and Soul:

  1. To be relaxed, you need to be comfortable; remove your shoes, loosen your belt, unclasp your bra, let your hair down, and slip into something comfortable.
  2. During cooler weather, open the windows & breathe in the fresh air.
  3. Take a break from loud city areas and spend time outdoors.
  4. Find a place to enjoy silence. Being alone with your thoughts can help you think clearly or get your mind off stressful matters.
  5. Straighten up and take a deep slow breath through your nose and release the breath slowly through your mouth.
  6. Play some relaxing music with nature sounds, wind chimes, or even slow, soft classical music to set up a more relaxing mood. The New Age station on Pandora is a good one.
  7. Reject anything that will put negative pressure on you, learn to say no and become more positive and energetic.
  8. Think positive thoughts. Go to sleep with a positive picture in mind and try making this into a habit every night. Try to wake up with this picture in your mind.
  9. Pamper yourself by getting a massage or spending the day at the spa. Not only will you escape into pampering bliss, you’ll go home with great skin.
  10. Make yourself a refreshing margarita or pour yourself a glass of serve wine.