Allergy season has arrived in San Antonio. For some, allergy season is a year-round struggle. With our unpredictable weather, one day you’re fine, the next day, you’re waking up the sniffles, and itchy, watery eyes. While most allergy sufferers have their medicine cabinets filled with antihistamines, nasal sprays, decongestants, eye drops, and of boxes of tissues, here are a few other self-care tips to help comfort your skin while your allergies are acting up.

Eyes: Puffiness, tenderness, and dark circles around the eyes? Try cooling eye gels and cooling masks for the eyes, for an even cooler effect try putting in the fridge to chill for a bit. The gels/masks can cool down your eyes and help take some of the itch and sting away, while reducing puffiness. Cortisone creams can help reduce the puffiness, use sparingly and don’t get in your eyes.

Lips: Keep them covered in lip balm, preferably something with a SPF. Try to stay away from balms with mint or eucalyptus in them, if your lips are feeling a bit tender, the tingly sensation may not feel too good. Balms with vitamin e are usually very soothing.

Face (T-Zone): Your nose & cheeks are probably what bother you the most. That area is usually itchy, raw, flaky, & burns from the constant blowing of your nose.  Try using a richer moisturizer, preferable something with aloe vera to soothe the area & vitamin e to help your skin heal faster. Try using tissues containing lotion, they are very gentle & can be soothing to your skin. Also be sure to stay away from paper towels or napkins, using these will only irritate the skin even more.

Makeup wearers: If you have red blotchiness on your skin, you can conceal it by using a yellow base concealer. The yellow will help offset the red color of your skin, and then you can apply your makeup as you normally would. Also avoid using blush when you are suffering from allergies, because your face will tend to be reddish as it is, you definitely do not want to enhance that. Stick to natural, earthy tones & avoid pinks & reds. If your eyes are watery, stick to waterproof eyeliner & mascara.Beauty Tips for Allergies