Celebrate Poetry Month on the Southside

This April, the City of San Antonio and the newly announced 2024 – 2027 San Antonio Poet Laureate Eddie Vega invite the entire community to partake in National Poetry Month.

“April is my favorite month of the year. There’s Easter. There’s Fiesta. It’s the height of spring, and we’ve got poetry blossoming all over town because it’s National Poetry Month,” Vega said. “Start with Viva Poesía, attend a reading of your favorite poet, share or listen at an open mic. The calendar is full of events starting in March and extending into May, and I can’t wait to enjoy all that our San Antonio poetry community has to offer.”

For 28 years, the Academy of American Poets has celebrated each April to remind the public that poets play an integral role in our culture and that poetry matters. The City of San Antonio joined the National Poetry Month celebration, the largest literacy celebration in the world, in 2009 to increase public awareness about the importance of poetry.

“Not only does poetry inspire, enrich, educate, and entertain, but it can also help us express complex feelings and provide a connection to each other,” said Krystal Jones, Executive Director of the Department of Arts & Culture. Poetry has an essential place in San Antonio’s culture all year, but in April, the many talented poets of San Antonio truly shine through the many National Poetry Month events.

More than 45 events are scheduled for this year’s celebration, including youth programs, workshops, performances, discussions, and festivals. The official kickoff event is the 10th annual “VIVA Poesía: Palabras, Música, y Cultura,” presented by the City of San Antonio’s World Heritage Office. It will be held on Saturday, April 6, from 6 to 10 p.m. at the historic Mission Marquee Plaza. The theme for the event is “Confluence of the Creative Arts,” inspired by the Surrealist exquisite corpse game of collaborative compositions.

“Viva Poesía stands as a literary celebration honoring not just the beauty of spoken word but also the vibrant cultural heritage of our city,” said Colleen Swain, Director of the World Heritage Office. “This kick-off event is a beloved community highlight, attracting individuals from across San Antonio to the heart of the south side. This year, we have a special treat involving spontaneous poetry, painting, sketching, and the culinary arts.”