Southside San Antonio Heads to the Hill Country with Hye Cider Company, LLC

Live from the Southside Magazine is proud to announce its exciting venture into the heart of the Texas Hill Country as it brings Southside culture to Fredericksburg. This special travel occasion, set against the charming backdrop of The Peach Tree Inn & Suites, marks a significant milestone in the magazine’s journey.

Founded and led by April Monterrosa, Live from the Southside Magazine has steadfastly advocated for Southside San Antonio businesses and readers. What began as a focus on the vibrant Southside community has evolved into a broader coverage area, reaching beyond local boundaries.

Image Courtesy of The Peach Tree Inn

The occasion will also showcase the much-anticipated release of Hye Cider Company, LLC’s latest creation, Hye Peach Drifter. Hye Cider Company, LLC, known for its unique craft ciders in the Texas Hill Country, specializes in cyser (apple mead or apple honey wine)  – a delightful blend of apple and honey fermented into a high-ABV drink. Hye Peach Drifter, a tart and tasty creation, combines crisp apple notes with the sweet, succulent essence of ripe peaches, promising a multidimensional and refreshing experience.

The Peach Tree Inn & Suites, a family-owned and operated establishment, is the perfect setting for this special occasion. Located blocks from historic Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas, the inn offers a unique blend of hospitality and proximity to more than 150 boutiques, award-winning restaurants, museums, and art galleries, allowing visitors to truly immerse themselves in the charm of the Texas Hill Country.

Image Courtesy of Hye Cider Company, LLC

Event Details:

Date & Time: Saturday, December 9, 3 – 6 pm CST

Location: Peach Tree Inn & Suites, 401 South Washington Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624


As attendees sip and savor the delectable Hye Cider creations, they are invited to revel in the Peach Tree Inn surroundings, enhancing the sensory experience. This event offers a unique opportunity to be among the first to experience the refreshing fusion of flavors meticulously crafted by Hye Cider.

Live from the Southside Magazine looks forward to fostering connections, creating memorable experiences, and continuing to celebrate the diversity and richness of Southside culture.