South Texas Business Partnership and Live from the Southside Join Forces to Empower Local Businesses

Rebecca Viagran, CEO of SOTX – Image courtesy of South Texas Business Partnership

South Texas Business Partnership (SOTX) and Live from the Southside (LFTSS) are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership to foster growth and support the vibrant business community in the South Texas region.

This collaboration brings together two influential organizations committed to promoting local businesses, showcasing community stories, and driving economic development in the Southside area. By combining their expertise and resources, SOTXP and LFTSS aim to provide a platform that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and highlights the diverse talents found within the region.
SOTX, a trusted advocate for businesses, has a long-standing reputation for nurturing entrepreneurship and facilitating connections within the South Texas business ecosystem. Their extensive network of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors has proven instrumental in fostering innovation and economic prosperity.

LFTSS, a highly regarded news and magazine producer known for its captivating stories and unwavering dedication to the Southside community, has catalyzed change, celebrating the region’s rich culture, heritage, and achievements. Through engaging content and thought-provoking features, LFTSS has established itself as a voice for the community, promoting inclusivity and empowerment.

This strategic partnership will offer many benefits to local businesses, entrepreneurs, and readers alike. By leveraging their combined expertise, SOTX

April Monterrosa, CEO of LFTSS – Image courtesy of Live from the Southside

and LFTSS will provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products, services, and success stories, helping them reach a wider audience and attract new customers and members. Additionally, this collaboration will facilitate valuable networking opportunities, enabling businesses to connect with potential partners, investors, and mentors within the South Texas business community.

As part of their joint efforts, SOTX and LFTS will also collaborate on organizing events, workshops, and seminars tailored to the needs of local businesses. These initiatives will provide invaluable knowledge, insights, and resources to empower entrepreneurs and foster regional growth.