WAR Esthetics Institute is an esthetics school that Melissa Guerra-Vasquez founded in 2022. Melissa began in the industry in 1997 when she became a Licensed Massage Therapist at the age of 20. In the years to follow Melissa would become a Licensed Esthetician and spa owner. During her journey to pursue her esthetics license, she felt that the education she had paid for, was nothing more than the bare minimum.

On top of paying for tuition, she also had to search for and pay out of pocket to receive hands-on training from other private businesses. Melissa hoped that becoming an esthetics instructor would allow her to make a difference for other students, however, it took no time for her to realize that competing schools had no intentions of raising the standard for esthetic education. Melissa felt that the current instruction was unacceptable and that a change needed to be made. This is when she sought to create her own institute that would not only redefine esthetic education but also become an all-in-one institute for students.

Their goal is to redefine esthetic education as you know it. They stand by their promise to provide students with not only the highest quality education but also hands-on training unlike any other. Their courses and training are very intensive. The esthetic educators intend to push students to the best of their ability.

After graduating, students will leave WAR Esthetics and enter the workforce with all of the skills needed to be successful. WAR Esthetics is your all-in-one Institute because unlike other schools we come with it all; TDLR Licensing, Advanced Certifications, and an onsite Product Store. WAR Esthetics Institute is the place for students that want to gain the education they truly deserve, along with a lifetime mentorship and family.

WAR Esthetics is located on the South side of San Antonio at: 109 CRANE AVENUE SUITE #104 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78214.

You can call (210) 815-1640 or email info@warestheticsinstitute.com, with any questions. You can also visit their website, https://www.warestheticsinstitute.com, for more information regarding admissions and courses.