A Tribute to Migrants through Art at Mission Country Park

A Tribute to Migrants through Art at Mission Country Park

Adrian De La Cruz, Andrea V Rivas (a first-generation Honduran American), and Mauro De La Tierra (a first-generation Mexican American) have created a powerful mural. This artwork commemorates the 53 migrants who tragically lost their lives on June 27, 2022, on Quintana Road in what is considered the country’s deadliest human smuggling incident.

This mural is a tribute and a deeply personal project for Andrea and Mauro. Their parents made significant sacrifices, leaving everything behind to give their families a chance for a better and safer future. This shared migration experience and the pursuit of safety and opportunity deeply inform their work and connection to the mural.

The mural depicts monarch butterflies hovering above migrant families who carry backpacks adorned with the flags of Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. These flags represent the countries where many of the tragedy’s victims originated. Monarch butterflies, known for their long migratory journeys, symbolize the resilience and hope of migrant families.

In a particularly touching tribute, the artists have included 53 stars, each bearing the initials of one of the victims. These stars represent the souls of the individuals who lost their lives, ensuring their memory is preserved and honored.

The mural is located at Mission County Park and is open to the public. It poignantly reminds us of the human cost of migration and the enduring spirit of those seeking a better life. The artists hope their work will foster empathy and awareness about the struggles and sacrifices of migrant families.

This tribute to migrants through art at Mission Country Park not only commemorates a tragic event but also celebrates the courage and resilience of migrants everywhere, honoring their journey and their dreams for a brighter future. Images Courtesy of Andrea V Rivas.