Wyatt Law Firm Explains the Dangers of Working in a San Antonio Oil Field

Working in oilfield industries has always been dangerous. Several hazards make workers in this sector more prone to accidents, injury, and death. This is a known fact, but many people work in the oil fields because they pay very well, and most take the risk. Often, the common casualties do not affect the superiors. The inferior workers are mostly victims of the fatalities.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or death due to working on an oilfield through no fault of their own, you must get compensation.

South Texas is known to have the highest rate of oilfield accidents, and San Antonio isn’t left out.

In this article, we shall be exposing the dangers attached to working in a San Antonio Oil Field, the cause of such danger, and compensation.

Why is Working in Oil Fields Dangerous? 

The casualty rate in the oil and gas industry is seven times higher than in other industries.

Many employees in oil fields work long and tiring hours. Sometimes they work 7-14 days in a row. Their employers pressure some to make magic happen by doing more work in less time. They are exposed to several hazards, such as chemicals, heavy machinery, moving vehicles, etc. All these lead to injury or death.

worker in the oil industry on oil pump

Common Accidents in the Oil Fields 

According to the reports on News 4 San Antonio, several deaths have been recorded, most of which were later discovered to be caused by manual gauging, which involves determining oil or gas content by sampling them.

The most common accidents in San Antonio oil fields are:

  • Head injuries: injuries such as concussions, facial lacerations, brain injuries, and skull fractures can affect your life. These injuries can lead to temporary bed rest, paralysis, or death, depending on how mild or traumatic it is.
  • Injured joints, neck, and back: These accidents are quite common in work environments. In the oil fields, workers are found lifting big items. This could lead to an imbalance in their posture that puts them at risk of such an item falling on them. 
  • Eye infection or loss of vision: Debris in the oil fields can cause a scratch to your cornea, which can incite pain and, in the cause, affect your vision. Smokes or splashes of chemicals may result in the loss of vision. Chemical use can inflict injuries on the eyes.
  • Burns: Workers routinely exposed to toxic chemicals, steam, electrical shocks, and hot water can create burns. These burns can lead to permanent disfigurement. Some people get infected or lose their limbs as a result.

What Steps Can Be Taken Following a San Antonio Oil Fields Accident? 

Texas oil fields are dangerous places. Many of the injuries in the oil field could be avoided by simply maintaining equipment, enforcing safety policies, proper supervision, and proper training.

In a case where you or your loved ones become victims of such accidents, it is important to claim compensation.

An important question that bothers most victims’ minds is how to claim compensation for oil rig accidents. All that is needed is getting a law firm that does not let such slide. With the right attorney, who is intent and passionate about your cause, trust to get compensated.


In this article, you’ve learned of the dangers of working in oilfields and what to do if you fall victim. You must talk to an attorney about your oil field accident, and they can assist you with your case and give you alternatives moving forward.

At Wyatt Law Firm, they do not let blatant acts of negligence or carelessness go unanswered.