Two Female Business Owners Launch Success Activator Summit

Amber Ybarra, local small business owner in construction and business partner Tiffany Galvan, a local Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant, are producing a Small Business Summit entitled “Success
Activator” in partnership with LiftFund’s Women’s Business Center at KLRN Studios (501 Broadway, San Antonio, TX) on Saturday October 8th from 10am-6pm. The summit will include happy hour, vendor market, and networking to follow. Get tickets HERE!

“In 2021, the City of San Antonio partnered with JPMorgan Chase to conduct research with Next Street and Common Future to examine the current state of Bexar County’s small business communities and business support systems, with a specific lens on local businesses owned by people of color and COVID-19 response and recovery.

Based on this study, San Antonio and Bexar County are home to approximately 34,000 small businesses and approximately 145,000 sole proprietorships. These small businesses and sole proprietors account for 34% of the local workforce. However, while Hispanic and Black residents make up 60% and 9% of the Bexar County population, they only own 24% and 2% of all businesses, respectively. Business ownership disparities are paired with revenue and employment imbalances, with Hispanic- and Black-owned businesses historically earning less revenue and hiring fewer employees than their White-owned counterparts.”

Despite countless strategic feasibility studies from out-of-state research companies, sole proprietors and small business owners, especially BIPOC individuals, still lack access to a sustainable blueprint of success.

Based on real client successes and case studies as a Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant, Tiffany recognized that one of the main issues is a lack of training, support, high turnover between economic development departments and nonprofits, and lack of bridging partners due to reduced capital and competition for similar funding.

To address some of these gaps and to provide fresh perspectives to uplift our small business community, our Success Activator aims to:

  • Spotlight Small Business Owners, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders including our Keynote Speaker Jake Havron who has been a coach, speaker, and worked with THE Tony
  • Disrupt Hustle Culture by providing tangible Tools, Resources, blueprint of success and network of like-minded individuals through our experts including: Margaret Wilson Anaglia –
    Director of the Women’s Business Center for Liftfund and Launch SA, Marcie Anguiano (Mission Crafts Chandlery), Robert Garcia (I have a CPA Guy), Charles Houston (Commercial Lender, VP at Broadway Bank), Cielo Solis (SEO Queen), Lexi & Vassil (Retreat & Event Building), and Mark Douglas (Funnel Hacker, The Mental Marketer)
  • Build San Antonio Small Business Community through this summit with accessible ticket pricesSupport that community through an ongoing interactive mentoring experience
Our opening keynote speaker is Strategic Business Coach Jake Havron who has been a coach, speaker, and worked with THE Tony Robbins! (As I said, Amber and I need to chat how we’re going to share that he’s our keynote)
Other Speakers include:
Margaret Wilson Anaglia – Director of the Women’s Business Center for Liftfund and Launch SA
Marcie Anguiano – Mission Crafts Chandlery
Robert Garcia I have a CPA Guy
Cielo Solis: SEO
Lexi & Vassil: Retreat & Event Building
Mark Douglas: Funnel Hacker, The Mental Marketer

About the Founders:

Amber Ybarra is an Award-Winning Author, Former Pro Curves Model turned Woman in Construction, Keynote Speaker and Results Driven Success Coach. I help entrepreneurs with my unique Re-Model you method so that business owners can match their income with their invaluable impact. You can find articles about her work in NY Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, Voyage Dallas, Fox News, CNBC, Daily Times Leader, Digital Journal, and more.

Tiffany Galvan is a veteran fundraising professional that brings over 13 years of Non-Profit, Communications, Fundraising, and Development experience to her clients. She works to empower Executives and Founders with the knowledge necessary to dismantle barriers that prevent organizational leaders from raising funds that will sustain and grow their missions. She currently serves as the Board Chair to the National Nonprofit American SPCC. Tiffany has been featured by Scripps Broadcasting HERE for sharing her experiences on how leadership groups can provide access to seats at the table and build stronger communities. Her writing has been featured in InsideOut Magazine; and she’s appeared in several morning shows for her work in animal rescue.