Live from the Southside is growing and being read all over Texas (and throughout the world, true story!) With our Southside reach growing, we have added “Live from Texas” as our sister brand. For those of you who follow us on social media, our website, and subscribe to our magazine, know we share content and stories from throughout our lovely city of San Antonio, Texas, and surrounding communities.

Our goal is not only to highlight our Southside San Antonio community, businesses, and events, but to also bring positive stories, fun places to visit, and people you should get to know in our lovely Lone Star State to our friends and family in our Southside audience.

The idea came from our editor in chief and founder of Live from the Southside Magazine on one of her recent small town travels and a visitor’s bureau mentioning wanting to know more about the Southside of San Antonio and all of it’s hidden gems.

April Monterrosa began her writing career 13 years ago with a travel and lifestyle blog focusing on inspiring and motivating others to make time for adventure, self-care and fun. From road trips to hotels, big cities and small towns, concerts and beer tasting, to beauty treatments and locally made products and automotive reviews, travel and leisure highlights were what brought her to doing the same all around the Southside.

“This new Texas platform addition to Live from the Southside is a way for us to share our Southside pride and people with our fellow Texans and vice versa. It’s also me going back to my Texas Travel writing roots, reconnecting and collaborating with towns and cities I have developed a relationship with while highlighting them on past assignments, and sharing all the neat things I get to see and learn with people in my own community. I want people who love visiting San Antonio to get acquainted with the Southside community and businesses, I also want my Southside audience to venture out with their families to the nearby picturesque places we have in Texas.” mentions Monterrosa.

The new sister brand will also be joining the Magazine’s Kid’s Writers Program, giving the program’s youth participants a chance to showcase their travel writing stories. Live from Texas stories and highlights will appear on, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and will have a column in the magazine.