Harlandale High School Fishing Chapter of Fin Addict Angler Foundation Launches

For the past year, Oscar Castillo, Founder & Executive Director of The Fin Addict Angler Foundation dreamed of having after school fishing programs available to students of all ages. On September 20, 2022, after 4-5 days of announcements, 23 students attended the very first fishing club meeting on the southside at Harlandale High School.

(Fin Addict Angler Foundation was created and resides on the Southside of San Antonio. It is a non-profit organization that aims to bring people in our communities back to the great outdoors by combining an appreciation for the sport of fishing with a respect for one of our greatest natural resources – water.)

Image by Harlandale High School Student Tomas Valero

Harlandale teacher, George Guajardo, a recreational fisherman himself, came to one of Fin Addict’s events and saw the great opportunity to sponsor the Fin Addict Angler educational program at Harlandale High School.

During the meet and greet meeting, the #1 reason for the students being there was how they wanted to know more about fishing than their parents and grandparents. Southside fishing roots date back generations with many memories to share. Some knew nothing of fishing and others knew plenty. That is awesome in itself to learn a new sport, a new skill. And others who are experienced are eager to polish their skills. We are super excited to start this new journey and be a part of this great interesting group of young adults being prepared to go out to the world.

“We hope to focus on the growing sport of recreational fishing through safe measures, showcasing fishing as a valued educational activity, elevating the visibility of youth fishing in the local community, and instilling conservation awareness through best practices”, mentions Castillo.

Fin Addict Angler Foundation is committed to encourage school attendance, school participation, promote free programs for all children, provide incentive for upper tournaments requiring good academic grades, attendance, and community service, promote good ethics, non-physical contact, volunteer hours for college resume, opportunity to participate in Texas Coastal Brigades camp through scholarship or private pay and good grades.

Harlandale Alumni… support your local Fishing Club! For more information or to launch a fishing chapter in your school, contact: info@finaddictangler.org.