Southtown San Antonio’s culinary landscape has embraced a dynamic newcomer in “Diez Flores,” a refreshing bar and restaurant co-founded by the acclaimed Chef Tatu Herrera, skilled Mixologist Hector Vargas, and Joey Favela.

Image Courtesy of The April Monterrosa Show

Image Courtesy of Diez Flores

Nestled at 1010 S. Flores St., Suite 110, San Antonio, TX 78204, the restaurant and bar is poised to carve its niche as a culinary and mixology haven, enchanting the King William / Southtown community on the South region of San Antonio, Texas. With its doors now open, this establishment caters to food enthusiasts, pledging “a lively fusion of flavors from 10 Latin countries” and an enticing array of cocktails.

Chef Tatu Herrera, celebrated for his culinary finesse, introduces a culinary masterpiece on the menu—the authentic Cubano sandwich. In keeping with the theme of honoring Latin cultures globally, the menu showcases delights such as the Choripan sandwich (crafted with fresh sausage, mozzarella cheese, and red chimichurri on bolio bread), fried tostones, a Peruvian double-decker egg sandwich, and more.

Image Courtesy of Diez Flores

Teaming up with Mixologist Hector Vargas, renowned for his inventive cocktails, and Joey Favela, aka Joey Fink, known for his expertise in promotion, event coordination, and establishment design, Diez Flores Bar is poised to provide a distinctive and unforgettable dining experience.

The new excellent spot is set to become a local and visitor hub, blending Latin-inspired cuisine and expertly crafted cocktails with live music and art, positioning this unique establishment as a standout addition to San Antonio’s dynamic food and beverage scene.

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