Senior Athlete Breaks Personal Records and Barriers at West Campus High School

West Campus High School senior Skylyn Ramirez, a beacon of school pride and leadership, has embarked on a transformative journey as the captain of the Powerlifting team. Overcoming the inherent challenges of leadership, Skylyn has proven her capabilities and demonstrated a remarkable sense of responsibility. Her participation in a wide range of sports, including volleyball, softball, track and field, soccer, golf, and powerlifting, is a testament to her diverse athletic skills and her ability to work in a team.

“As captain, you have to be all-in even on your off days,” Skylyn explains, emphasizing the importance of setting an example for her younger teammates. Her coaches have been a significant support system, imparting valuable life lessons, particularly the motto, “Nobody is going to do it for you.”

Head Powerlifting Coach Manuel Salinas has guided Skylyn for two years, helping her prepare for collegiate-level competitions. “She was always so involved and dedicated as a junior athlete; we knew she would be perfect as captain in her senior year,” Salinas said.

Powerlifting, a sport that demands strength, form, and technique, presents unique challenges. The sport’s pillars are the three core lifts: deadlift, squat, and bench press. In competitions, athletes must perform each lift thrice, increasing weight with each attempt. The scores are determined based on the heaviest lifts in each category, making it a true test of an athlete’s capabilities.

West Campus High School Senior Skylyn Ramirez practicing in her powerlifting team (Photo and article written by, Genesis Aguilar)

On February 14, Skylyn competed at the Natalia Mustang Invitational, where her impressive lifts (300 lbs squat, 160 lbs bench, and 305 lbs deadlift) earned her a spot at the regionals. Her coaches, family, and teammates celebrated her achievements, highlighting her strong team spirit.

Skylyn balances the demands of leading a co-ed sports team with effective communication, accommodating various personalities and learning styles. She is set to continue her powerlifting career at Texas A&M University of Kingsville, majoring in Biomedical Science to become a sonographer.

Beyond athletics, Skylyn’s involvement in school and community events demonstrates her school spirit and leadership. As a member of the Student Council, she organized events and was recognized for her public speaking skills. She received the Cougar of the Year Award for her exemplary character, school spirit, and leadership.

Skylyn has impacted her school as a sports captain, student leader, and dedicated classmate. SSAISD congratulates her on her achievements and wishes her success at Texas A&M University of Kingsville.